Whining & Crying

by Johnny Popstar & the Luv Explosion

Released 2014
Released 2014
A nice blend of 60's pop rock & 70's punk produces a sound somewhere between the Dave Clark Five and the Buzzcocks.
Johnny Popstar & the Luv Explosion are coming at you with their second full length album Whining & Crying. Sometimes classified as retro wannabe dweebs, Johnny Popstar & the Luv Explosion are a nice blend of mid 60's rock with a splash of 70's punk to give their sound just a bit of an edge. Happy harmonies, crunchy chords, and catchy hooks will have you singing along in no time. Tongue in cheek lyrics add a bit of humor to their songs. Who Banned the Wolfman & Why? What Makes Bobby Sad? Why is Johnny Fit To Be Tied? Buy the album and find out all the answers to these burning questions and more.

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