A Day At the Beach

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We've all had one of those days when we are sitting on the beach and then suddenly we see it.  The old man in speedos!  I know it's happened to you because it's happened to a lot of friends of mine.  You'll just be sitting there minding your own business and then before you even realize it, he appears.  He hangs out on every beach.  Don't matter if you are east coast or west, he's there.  This song is just a little encounter I had one day.  A sad but true tale that I hope brings comfort to you.  A reminder that you are not alone. 


I was sitting on the beach one day

The sky was clear and blue

I used my hand to block the sun

As this man came into view

His skin was red

His head was bald

His chest hair full and gray

Canvas laceless tennis shoes

And to me he did say


Girls love old men in speedos

Pass by beefcakes and guidos

Girls love old men in speedos

Weak hearts strong libidos


He shook my hand

And rubbed his head

And sat down next to me

He talked about the good old days

In 1963

I couldn’t hear

My mind went blank

I couldn’t help but stare

Have you ever seen an old man

In bikini underwear




By this time I was feeling sick

Hair grew out his ear

I opened up my cooler

And I offered him root beer

I smiled as a girl walked by

She looked down at his pants

I thought that I could make her mine

But I never got the chance




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Johnny Popstar: A Day At the Beach

A Day At the Beach











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