Johnny Popstar & The Luv Explosion - ジョニー ポップスター & ザ ラブ エクスプロージョン

 Johnny Popstar is the leader of the upbeat power pop band Johnny Popstar & The Luv Explosion. With the dynamic wit of the Beatles, the melodic sugary sweetness of the Archies, and the pure raw energy of the Ramones, Johnny Popstar & The Luv Explosion  are sure to please the retro-wannabe dweeb in all of us.

Singer/songwriter Johnny Popstar is a sterotypical teen idol who looks as though he may have just walked out of an episode of The Partridge Family, while drummer Bobby Alucard is your everyday, happy-go-lucky vampire. Other band members include a couple of masked wrestling superheroes and well, a gorilla named Fat Tom.

Originally known as The Johnny Popstar Luv Explosion, the JPLE’s first release was entitled Lizzy The Supermarket Drag Queen and was produced by Hooter’s bassist Fran Smith Jr. This collection of 5 songs included contributions by Steve Butler of Smash Palace, Glen Burtnik of Styx, and Flo & Eddie aka (Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan) of the Turtles and Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention.


In 2011, under the tutelage of producer Steve Butler,  Johnny Popstar and Bobby Alucard reformed as Johnny Popstar & The Luv Explosion. In 2012 they released their first full length album entitled A Day at the Beach.  Influenced by British and Japanese rock of the 60’s, Johnny Popstar sings both in English and Japanese.  Their snotty power pop approach to rock gives this band a unique retro edge.  Savoir-faire, tight trousers, and a niche for writing some of the most catchy, snappy, infectious, songs that stick to your brain like cotton candy will have you singing along in no time. 


2013 saw the release of their first Christmas CD entitled God’s Gift To Me.  Their second album "Whining & Crying" was released in 2014.        



power pop, rock, Japanese Group Sounds, power punk, garage rock, snotty pop






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